About Us

Who We Are

Small audio electronics design house and online store based in Scotland, UK.

What We Do

Design and sell very small batch high performance audio circuit boards.

Our Customers

Anyone after the pride and joy of building their own high quality audio system.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy relies on solid technical foundations and good engineering proven by measurements. While perceived audio quality is subjective, we believe well defined measurements are the backbone of any design. Along with good documentation, measurements are also objective way to communicate the results to the world.

We use good quality components but no exotic audiophile parts unless there is solid reasoning for them, and in fact consider PCB as one of the most important components. Most components are SMD due to availability, cost, size, and overall performance of the solution.

At least for now the designs are semi-open with schematics available. It is good for learning and makes modifications easy - to adapt the circuits for your own experiments, taste, and philosophy if you wish. Along with modular approach, this hopefully also extends the lifetime of the boards by making them easy to repair and modify.

Tomi Nihtila

While big in ideas and ambitions (and limited in time and resources...), Kaamos Tech and nihtila.com are my personal projects.

I am a Scotland-based Finnish electronics engineer, and live and breathe audio and electronics. I have been tinkering with electronics since my teenage years, and a desire to understand how audio devices work eventually got me a M.Sc. degree and a career in electronics. Getting into my forties, the passion for audio and electronics is still there, while trying to learn something new every day.

While all this is a hobby and a side hustle, I work full-time in audio semiconductors for a large global semiconductor company. Therefore, there are great mutual benefits - and audio electronics really are a major part of my everyday life.



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