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Boards we sell are successors to boards. The old website remains open for reference.

Kaamos Tech

We are a small UK-based electronics design house selling small batch audio circuit boards.

Our Philosophy

Our design philosophy relies on solid technical foundations and good engineering proven by measurements. While perceived audio quality is subjective, we believe well defined measurements are the backbone of any design.

Semi-open design with schematics available make it easy to modify the circuits for your own experiments, philosophy, and taste. Along with modular approach, this also extends the lifetime of the boards by making them easy to repair, modify, and re-purpose.

What We Sell

Audio electronics circuit boards to build your own audio devices. The boards are almost complete with all tiny components soldered, only requiring connectors and wires soldered, and power supplies and other interconnections connected. We provide examples and instructions on system level design and how to use the boards but the end application is up to you.

We are based in the UK and the prices are exclusive of VAT. 20% VAT is added to UK orders.

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