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Upcoming power supply releases

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We have started using Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 power connectors, and while there are no power supply boards available yet, we certainly have some in the pipeline.

One Four All

The first prototype of One Four All, or OFA, was out already a couple years ago, and now that we are back this will be the main PSU release. It still needs a bit of reliability testing but will hopefully be released by the end of 2023.

Latest OFA prototype – top side is kept tidy and components placed on bottom side.
Bottom/component side of the latest OFA prototype.

It generates all of the four supplies used in Kaamos mixed signal boards from a single 5V input. That is 5VD, 6VA, and +/-14V from a USB-C source or other 5V source. This also allows the use of a USB power bank to keep fully isolated system. The board contains three switching mode power supplies followed by four extremely low-noise and high-PSRR LT-series linear regulator circuits. All from a single 5V input; hence the name. It also has a control and monitoring circuit for controlled power-up and shutdown in case of a fault condition.

Wiring diagram where OFA is powering 2x ADC AK5572s and SPDIF TX.

Basic linear PSU

To offer something less pricey (OFA BOM cost is fairly high), we are planning to re-spin one of the old nihtila.com PSU baseboards with LM317 regulators and add Molex connectors and maybe a few other changes. This will be suitable to pair with an old transformer found in the component stash.

W-BB PSU board by nihtila.com will be modified to support Molex power connectors.

3rd party alternatives

Meanwhile, until our own PSU boards are out – and also after that – feel free to use any power supplies that match the voltage and current requirements. We recommend either high quality switching supplies or linear supplies.

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