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Following parts of Terms of Service are on separate pages:

Limited liability

Kaamos Tech do not sell complete devices but DIY modules for the buyer to build a complete electronic device, including other modules from Kaamos Tech or other suppliers, chassis, power supply, and interconnections. It is the responsibility of the buyer/assembler/integrator to ensure the final device is built following good engineering practices but also local laws and regulations, especially in terms of electrical safety. We are not liable for any damage or loss of property, contents, income, business, or data; or personal injury or loss of life.

In terms of practical electrical safety, always use safety earth connection following local regulations; we also highly recommend unplugging all electronic devices (especially DIY) when not in use and especially if you are not home. This can be easily done with a switchable extension cord to turn off the whole system at once.


Kaamos Tech reserves all rights to the materials on this website. Our designs are fairly open and we publish some of the design documents; however, these are only for you to view and study but not to re-use for any commercial purposes.

Product photos and technical information can be used on personal or commercial websites or forums for showcase and review purposes when links to the original content are included.

Accuracy of information

We try our best to provide accurate information but mistakes and misunderstandings happen and some information may be incorrect. We reserve the right to change the contents without further notice. Please do let us know if you find incorrect information. Likewise, should we find something that impacts the products we are selling or have sold, correction will be published.

Product specifications

We sell technical products where technical specifications, such as audio performance figures, are important. However, we do not guarantee any level of performance but instead provide typical performance figures. We want to be open and honest and really aim to achieve the stated figures in the vast majority of units and expect the rest to be what we think is close enough to the typical specifications. However, should we state maximum/minimum figures would mean first gathering statistically significant amount of data to guarantee every single unit produced as yet and in the future is within the stated limits – a promise we practically cannot meet.

Change of terms

These terms and the ones stated in Shop and shipping info and Warranty and return policy are subject to change. The aim is not to move the goal posts should something go wrong but to be practical. We expect buyers to be aware of the up-to-date terms.

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